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Have you ever had a person send you sweet sweet words that made your heart beat fast and the blood rush to your cheeks? Well here is what will happen if you get too much of that good stuff.

Emotional diabetes. This disease flows through the sweet aromatic words of another person or loved one. It stimulates the giggle glands and the shy nature of even the most brute like women and men.

Some other symptoms include but are not exclusive to; tears of happiness, stargazing with no stars, seeing the world through shades of pink and drawing hearts around every picture of them.

This is a very common but sometimes deadly disease if it gets to later stages codenamed adoration and love.
Gaby: "Awwwwwwwww!"
Toby: "What the fluff are you 'Awww'-ing about?"
Gaby: ".....nothing.. Just Nick..
Toby: *sighs* "What'd he say this time?"
Gaby: "Nothin' special.. Just that he loves me and will never let anyone else have me...."
Toby: "Okay"*feels Gaby's forehead* "Yep. You have it. No doubt."
Gaby: "I have what?..."
Toby: "Emotional diabetes."
by The-Purple-Kitten-Master August 18, 2016
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