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When a person in a relationship allows themselves to get emotionally attached to someone else with no physical bond, thereby 'cheating' with their mind--

The term is coined because Anal- Referring to anal sex, is widely regarded as something you do(IF you do it) at a very personal level with your spouse or partner, when there is mutual trust and feelings established. Emotional meaning that a person allows themselves to get entangled with romantic feelings for another person while inside a relationship, all the while convinced that with no physical aspect it's not cheating ,or doing it subconsciously when they are unsatisfied with their current relationship but dont consider breaking up.

The term was coined by Fraser from VGA(Video Games Awesome! Live) an online ongoing Show where a team of gamers plays videogames and interacts with an audience. While playing 'Catherine', Becky B. (A show co-host) noted, when they were asked 'which is considered worse cheating - an Emotional bond or a Physical one?" Becky and Fraser both agreed that Emotional - because if sex exists with no attachment then there's just a biological,primal need for it- and it's resolved pretty soundly, but when an Emotional bond is created, your partner no longer harbors romantic feelings for you alone- he could think of the other person when you are together at any point. This is worse. and Fraser commented it was like 'Emotional Anal' and then continued to explain the term.
"Joshua has been spending a lot of time with Katie-- is he cheating on Marie?"

-"No, I KNOW they're not sleeping together or even kissing"
"He's giving her the same type of attention and classification as his girlfriend-- He tells her secrets, and obviously thinks about her constantly, either with friends or with Marie-- So--??"
-"Guess they're doing Emotional Anal."


"Diana and Jackie have been together for the longest time, it's so sweet."
-"I wouldn't count on it sticking, I hear Diana's engaging in some major emotional anal with Karen."
-"I shit you not."
by Fonztuff August 06, 2013
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