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1. Experiencing shallow emotions that change quickly.

2. Becoming emo because it's hot and everyone else is doing it.
Sal: Shawn was really depressed in Algebra today but by English comp he was happy again. Then by History he'd quit the football team, dyed his hair black, and had it cut so his bangs are covering his whole face.

Mike: Must be on an emo coaster.

Sal: Is he wearing girl pants?! Look at him flip those giant bangs. It's so.... so angsty.

Mike: No! Don't get drawn onto the emo coaster! Resist. RESIST!
by NemoEmo August 12, 2007
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Emotional Roller Coaster: Meaning a state of feeling "ups and downs" of emotions in a short period of time.
Contraction of Emotional Roller Coaster. Not knowing an outcome of a very unpredictable situation can cause an emocoaster of emotions or feelings.
by TJ2 November 21, 2013
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