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Originally a line from a freestyle rap, "Emmanuel's mom hit it" has really evolved into something else. It is far more than just a saying. It's more than just a phrase. It's more than just the motto. "Emmanuel's mom hit it" is a lifestyle, to put it simply. You can't just "Emmanuel's mom hit it". You have to become "Emmanuel's mom hit it". Shout out to Emmanuel's mom, keep hitting it woman. Also, as a clarification, Emmanuel's mother never hit him. You have to be pretty fucking stupid to think that. She didn't hit a dog, she didn't hit a car, she didn't hit a person, she didn't hit a chinchilla. Honestly, the only thing Emmanuel's mom ever hit, was "it". Now that this whole situation has been cleared up, I sincerely hope that you can all return to your normal lives, with out Emmanuel's mom hitting it. The most popular saying in the 805.
"Yo, did you go to that party last night? I heard Emmanuel's Mom hit it!"
by Young Kippur January 21, 2013
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