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Where to start.. this gal is perfect! No FLAWS at al. She can be one of the funniest girls alive and one of the bitchiest.. she has perfect white teeth with a small gap. She has blonde hair, naturally brown, and has pretty blue eyes. AND a lot of cute freckles. She is a gentle giant:) And a little TOO experienced. I WOULD DIE FOR HER. She is amazing! Makes you smile no matter what and she is a good girlfriend to guys and a good bff! You will always wanna be around her and her crazy lil hot babe of a sister. Emily is a babe too! Always and forever! And a BAMF. FOR LIFE. She could use some tanning.....
That girls such an Emily J...

Wowwww she's being a bee-otch.. what an Emily J!
by iamsecretlyinlovewithyou November 19, 2010
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