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Ella and Lili are always BFFs you will never meet an Ella and Lili who aren't best friends... Ella and Lili Are TIGHT
Ella is typically the hotter and more attractive and brings a selection of guys with names beginning with A, C, J, K, M, B, S.
Ella has Blond or Blue hair and always has BLUE eyes.
Lili is typically the Lesser version of Ella and is more self-conscious of herself trying to present herself to Ella, or make herself worthy.
Lili is always scared if Ella doesn't like her and only attract Guys with the letter A.
And Ps If you are an Ella or a Lili without Your pair GET YO SELF A LIFE!!
1. Wow I wish we were as tight as Ella and Lili
2. Over Ella and Lili who would you smash
3. Why does HOT AF Ella Hang around ugly Lili
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by ciannaroy June 11, 2018
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