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A lovely young lady filled with lust and fervor. She, like most Catholic priests has an affinity for young boys weighing less then themselves. She, with the endurance and single-mindedness of a marathon runner,persues her men as a lion stalks its prey. She has good taste in shoes. She can tempt even the oldiest and the wrinkliest of the oldest and the wrinkliest to nibble upon her ear. She occassionally wears ill fitting jeans.E.West is a lover of long, rambling, unimportant, unintresting, incomprehensible, flat out weird, sometimes angry towards angry karen, nobody cares away messages. By the way..HONESTLY WHO GETS GROUNDED FOR SIX MONTHS!?!Poo might be spotted roaming around the city of Richmond driving the vehicle perferred by the 55+ crowd,all the while listening to what is thought by the rest of the world as the worlds worst music ever created by a human being,or primate.
To sum it all up, look out world.. here comes poo
by Geoffrey & Douglas Romanski February 14, 2005
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