Brand of Jewellery favoured by the chav. rarely exceeding 9 carat exlusively found at Argos. The cheapest yellow metal that does not turn green when dampened. Largely fashioned into Sovereign rings and large Hoop earrings. As worn by Vicky Pollard. A perfect compliment to burberry or any gaudy shit that looks crap but has a huge Logo. Large chains often seen on arms hanging out of the drivers window of a Flourescent Vauxhall Corsa. Sovereign rings usually worn in sets of eight to protect the knuckles of the neanderthal wearing them when they drag along the floor. Prices often shown in Pounds, Euros and Giros eg. "This sov cost me free giro's, safe"
sometimes referred to as bling
by cheezy geezer December 29, 2004
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