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this is one of the first perfection groups made for australians only! it was originally founded by chelsea dagger died but it was soon taken over by honeyhayes and retro junkie. after them owning for a short amount of time the group was deleted one night when one of the owners had a falling out with the entire group. honeyhayes soon took over and became the only owner of this group.

you can only be acceptd into this group if you are friends of the well known myspacers in the group or if your a scene kid. there is only a select amount of people in it and most of them come from groups such as vanity is perfection, aesthetic ecstasy, aesthetic perfection and perfection dolls. they alwayz hav proper sofisticated layouts which are a lot better then other b grade perfection groups on myspace. apparently they are a family and want to keep it that way. there is no drama in the group but they go about talking about each other behind their backs and shit talking each other.

this group contains members such as vindictive tara, melissa masquerade, mitchmufn, kei dru cajus, hannahlee and killed for appreciation. in order to get accepted into this group you must look like them, be good at photoshop and suck up to everyone!
by SDFgFH February 15, 2008
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