Noun, Infantrymen in the United States Army. Generally coveted MOS short of being an 18 series. Smarter, tougher, harder, and more lethal than you. Worshiped by 19D's.

The US Army Infantrymen is resourceful and intelligent. He will out smart his enemy, he will out maneuver his enemy, and he will lay down suppressive fire so deadly that pound for pound he is the most lethal creature on two legs. He is tough and afraid of nothing. He jumps out of airplanes and repels from helicopters and is his enemy's worst nightmare. He completes the Darby Queen in record time and can eat shit that would make Marines sick to their stomach. He climbs mountains and will lay in an ambush for three days before making contact with the enemy. He drinks excessively and parties louder, faster, and better than all of the other MOS's.

Definitely the pitcher when it comes to banging 19D's. He eats concertina wire and pisses napalm. He uses a Claymore mine as a pillow. Attends Ranger School or any other school for that matter that will make him better than everyone else. Most feared NCO's in the world.
Eleven Bravo: "Nothing gets my dick hard like cruising nap of the earth in a Blackhawk at 2 am watching tracers and gunfire fill the sky through nightvision. And then landing in a hot LZ with plenty of badguys to send home in bodybags."

Nineteen Delta: "Hold me. I can't even pass a PT test."
by elwoodblues85 July 06, 2011
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