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Someone who listens to the certain genera of music such as Trance, Techno, House, Electro, Club, Electronica.
Electro Heads styles are very European retro. Emo shaggy hairstyle. Electro Heads Dress in Designer clothes such as Armani A/X. Electro Heads drive in Fast expensive cars, allot are Club DJ's and drink the finniest wines.

Allot of Electro Head Guy's may be Metro sexual NOT GAY!
Spotting an Electro Head you hay see the with:

- Piercing in lip -
- Dyed Hair -
- Men is Tight pants - (NOT EMO)
- Allot of jewelry -
- Usually - (French, German, Italian, British, New Yorker) -
- very into High Fashion -
- living Nightlife -
- Nicest expensive cars -
- Blasting Music -

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by DJ Jenny Féy!! September 29, 2007
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