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used to be a sweet, naif elfen girl...
but now she has tasted freedom, power... experienced love, hate... found a lover, family... lost a lover, family... she has become a champion, a woman, a mother...

Bye bye innocent girl... Hello Elanë
"Oh my god... here she comes... HIDE!"

"Elanë? oh, she is not dangerous..."
"Not? you sure....?"
by esther April 11, 2005
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An amazing pretty girl that loves animals and sports. She is a sweet girl that hopes for the best in any situation. So try's to help others when in a pickle. She is a very good Basketball player, and loves all nature. She often is strong and fierce with brown hair and a Tan
Elane is Amazing, Fun, Caring, Nature loving, sporty young lady,strong,has muscles
by Tri-ax April 06, 2018
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