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(Algerianism or the act of acting Algerian in Arabic - Algérianisme in French) Is the phenomenon that involves conforming deliberately to the hideous stupid retarded Algerian standards in order to prove the indifference in acts, values or physical appearance, in other words, it is the phenomenon of forcing oneself to behave hideously just like the surrounding to in order to fulfill social integrity, it is mainly caused by lack of personality and confidence toward being self content, bad genes can be also the reason behind.
El tejzar rah dayer hala.
Speaking loud in telephone.

Riding noisy motorcycles.

Wearing common chinese or turkish-made clothes.

Lacking in civility or rigor

Rani njazar - Rak tjazar - Rahi tjazar - Rana Njazrou - Rakoum tjazrou - Rahoum yjazrou
by Wahard August 01, 2017
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