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A new character for Street Fighter IV and his name means "The Strong One".
He's a masked Mexican luchador(wrestler) and likes to cook even though he doesn't seem to be competent when it comes to it.
El Fuerte is a nice addition to the series but he should get boosted up because his low stamina and low damage dont make up for his awesome speed and a way to notice this is by fighting against Zangief.
All his moves are named upon Mexican food or related to Mexico somehow, being the Habanero Dash the core of his gameplay and tactics.
His Super is "El Fuerte Dynamite" and his Ultra is "El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster" the latter being a move which range can be controlled during the Ultra animation.
Basically El Fuerte is a great character with awesome moves that takes long to master but it's worth it.
It's Super Dynamic Cooking Time!

Guy 1: Hey dude have you tried El Fuerte?! His moves are so crazy!
Guy 2: Ya I'm trying to master him but I faced a Zangief on Championship mode and even though I could connect my ultra and everything 3 Lariots knocked me out T.T
Guy 1: Ya... he gotta get a lil boost from Capcom.
by HardRuisu April 27, 2009
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