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The Egg O’ Biscuit is a large, fast-food grade biscuit with a fried egg, cheese, and sometimes ham. perfect for grabbing on your way out the door to class and eating on the run.

The (more commonly called) Egg o' Biscuit was also called "Egg o' Muffin," the "Egg o' Biscuit," and, somewhat incongruously, the "Egg o' Croissant."

The Egg o' Biscuit was quoted as many people surveyed "A flavor explosion in there mouth" Although many people has a passion for the Egg O' Biscuit, It was shamed on by many due to it's yolk. Usually liquid, the yolk had the tendency to squirt out the other side of the sandwich unexpectedly.
However, many people think that it approached the breakfast sandwich perfection asymptote more thoroughly than any other of its kind, Many people still adore The Egg O' Biscuit.
Person 1: "Hey is that a Egg O' Biscuit?"
Person 2: "Yeah, and It just exploded all over my shirt."
by Egg Lover. October 19, 2009
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