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An awesome alternative rock band with several hits. Can seem pop-ish when compared to SOAD or Godsmack, but then most things are. They have a couple of great songs, most are based on drugs/alcohol. "Let's Dance" was a top ten hit for almost three weeks straight. They use distortion and light sound effects, keyboard and electric drums to emphasize a different sound. Quote, "'Edwin & The Pressure' is instantly captivating, cool, powerful, emotive and intense. From the slamming first single, "Superhoney" to the infectious "Firecracker," to the orchestral atmosphere of "High" and "Malibu Sunset," Edwin's voice links each and carries the listener on a dynamic musical ride."
Ediwn was also a solo artist with his album, "another spin around the sun"
Quote from Edwin and the Pressure, let's dance

You can drive through the night
Till the roads outta sight
Put the top down, hang out the window
Under the shiny Northern Lights

And who will be your man
And who will be there then
Cuz we all know shit happens
Let's dance
Let's dance
by Addie Grigg May 13, 2006
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