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N. When you find someone so attractive, they could say and do the creepiest things to you, but you won't realize it because you're blinded by their beauty.

I.E the effect that Edward Cullen from the Twilight series has on the main character, Bella.
Girl: OMG You're amazingly hot.
Guy: I watch you in your sleep, and might beat and kill you for the hell of it.
Girl: You're so handsome. I love you.
Guy: Damned Edward Cullen Syndrome

Guy 2: Has anyone ever told you you look like a model?
Girl 2: If I ever see you flirt with another girl again, I'll castrate you.
Guy 2: *stares at breasts*
Girl: Damned Edward Cullen Syndrome
by Lakehurst June 16, 2010
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