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An Educated Fucktardiot is a combination of
a Fucktard and an Educated Idiot. An Educated
Fucktardiot is a person of unbelievable, unexcusable
and indescribable stupidity while holding at least
one or more college degrees.

An Educated Fucktardiot feels like they are smart
but are actually quite stupid. (Stupid being defined as,
“knowing how and doing it wrong anyway”.)
They usually do something correctly the first time, but
having an education enables them to over think the
simplest of things and screw it up anyway.

They have a hard time driving a car, talking to people,

getting dressed, or eating. They also have a hard time

comprehending why they screw things up.

True Educated Fucktardiots are 100% responsible
for their actions and they provide endless hours of
entertainment for those not directly involved with the
Educated Fucktardiot, but for those who are, it can

prove to be annoying as hell..
Anyone with a technical degree qualifies as an Educated Fucktardiot.
by Pop-O-Matik July 21, 2013
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