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Someone named ethan, I hate him. I'm going to shoot him with a fortnite nerf gun, and hes gay.
person 1 " you talking about edog?"
person 2 "yeah what a faggot!"
by Edog is gay October 29, 2019
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A term, often used pejoratively, to describe enlisted personnel of the armed forces. Most commonly used by pretentious junior officers to put down hard working enlisted sailors, soldiers, airmen and Marines.
Living next to the base would be extremely distasteful to the arrogant junior officer, as he would not want to associate with the e-dogs.
by Beer Sailor August 01, 2009
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The Merciless Sun God, Who stares down upon the village people, With his ambivalent and yet analyzing gaze, Just as humans act toward apes, So does the Sun God act toward mortals.

His expressionless features convey a great understanding and wisdom, That our mortal minds cannot even hope to comprehend. It is said that if you gaze into the Yawning Abyss for long enough, You may return with just an inkling of his vast knowledge.
Friend 1: E-Dog is in the planned parenthood consuming the life-force.
by Epikkun December 29, 2019
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Epic fortnite streamer who is a pretty cool dude. Although there is THE e dog, it can be used to describe a cool fortnite gamer. He plays the saxophone and is really good. His signature move is hiding in bushes and talking when no one else is for no reason.
Me:Dang E dog what are you doing hiding in a bush! I got a whole squad on me

E dog: Nah I got this
*gets victory royale*
by Edogfollower January 07, 2019
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