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A "protest" that occurred at Edgerton High School which was against bullying but in reality was because of a cat fight. The "protest" consisted of scumbags, idiots, swagfags, and the most ironic part, bullies. The people here either just wanted to skip school, friends of the girl who was in the cat fight, or they were oblivious to the truth behind the protest. After the protest people started posting on Facebook about it either saying the protest was a bunch of crap (the smart ones) or a bunch of idiots who were whining because the majority of the school thought they were idiots.
*Conversation heard while watching the Edgerton Protest*

Person 1: Look at those idiots out there freezing... this is all about the cat fight anyways!

Person 2: Yeah I know...

Idiot: Umm some of those people are my friends and this is fighting bullying!

Person 1: Then why aren't you out there?

*Minute Bell rings*

Idiot: Oh got to go to class! Sorry *flees*
by Person229 December 09, 2012
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