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1. A lesbian woman, often young and athletic, that is into risky play like sky diving, rock face climbing on high, sheer cliffs and similar edgy pursuits. Frequently clean living, not especially sexual, and because of ego and drive, difficult to live with, edge case lesbian women are often looking for that ultimate high and with enough ego might want to climb Mt. Everest, but there is little room for a real love partner in the edge case dyke's world.

2. Another term for a dance floor dyke that is more performance artist than dance partner. A show-off.
1, You see "muscles" over there, she's an edge case dyke if there ever was one. She tried to sky dive off that office building downtown and got arrested.

2. Oh oh, there goes Sally again...this is a dance floor in a bar, not a theater!
by donna mae 33 March 16, 2010
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