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A- Afro
B- Booty
C- Chicken
D- Dat
E- Er Where
F- Fo' Sho
G- Grillz
H- Holla'
I- Impala
J- Juicy
K- Killa, Kobe
L- Lebron
M- Motha Fucka
N- Ninja
O- Obama, Oprah
P- Peeps, Pimp, Pussy
Q- Quarterbag
R- Redbone
S- Stunna'
T- Trick, Trippin'
U- Uzi
V- Vandross
W- Word
Y- You Go Girl !
Z- Zimbabwe
Playa 1: Yo homey, did you catch that License Plate that just ripped my joint for two g's?

Homeboy: Heh Yeah, i luh dat. It had been UZI TRICK STUNNA 9-1-1.

Playa 1: Word. I'm glad we knows our ebonetic alphabet. Les I wouldn't understanz you

Homeboy: Church.

Playa 1: Let's go report this to the hot boyz and find some skirts for the E so I can get some funk.

Homeboy: They lucky you didn't have yo' gat on you. Or else you mighta pulled out yo strap and laid them bustas down

Playa 1: True, True. Dat's what I know playa. I luh dis urban dictionary. We just schooled all the wannabe hoods er where in dis US of the ATL . Get em'
by TL and MG fo' sho June 13, 2010
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