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1. "Easy dry it up" or in short "dry it up" is a parting phrased between to guy friends that simply means to have such supreme love-making proficiency that you are able to dry a women up

2. "Easy dry it up" means that your skills are so superior to another person that it makes others skills look dry and worthless

3. "Easy dry it up" means to stop a player in basketball who is playing so well he could be describe as "wet"

4. A phrase used to wish "easy" burning of marijuana.

-"Dry it up"="Burn in up"
1.Friend 1- "Alright man see you later"

Friend 2- "Easy dry it up"

2. "I'm drying up my friends on the basketball court

3. "Ron Artest's defense is drying up Lebron James tonight"

4. Friend 1- "Yo you want to smoke?"

Friend 2- "Naw, I can't, dry it up though"
by Ruben Green February 22, 2011
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