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The perceptual region in Wichita, Kansas, roughly defined as the area south of 45th St. N, east of Freeway 135, North of Kellogg (Highway 54), and west of Andover Rd. It is where the most affluent and cosmopolitan residents of Wichita live. East Wichita is the home of south central Kansas’s premier shopping centers, entertainment, Dining, and neighborhoods. A part of Kansas, and only one of two parts in Wichita, that defies the stereotype that most Kansans personify. Major schools attended by the residents of, or located on, the east side are: Heights High school, Southeast High School, Independent School, Kapun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School, Andover High School, Wichita Collegiate School, and Wichita State University. The East side can be divided into disputable sub-regions, such as: Andover, Bellaire, New Eastern Development, Bradley Fair Region, Ghetto south eastern core, Towne East Region, and the Eastern Douglas Region. Some negatives about the East side are: one of the largest "slums" of Wichita, the high density of psychotic Christians, and the Current state of Kellogg. East Wichita has freeways or highways that encircle the entire region and is easy to navigate. Parts to avoid are: parts of Oliver and Hillside south of 17th street/anything west of Woodlawn south of 17th street, Eastbourough, and nearly all of Grove St. It lacks any defining physical features of the landscape, and is largely flat. Major rival, and opposite, of West Wichita.
I live my entire life in East Wichita because there’s no reason to leave, everything is here! And the West side is a fucking joke!
by Mcx_ks October 24, 2007
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