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A showcase for everything Yankees, Red Sox, and Barry Bonds. Started going downhill in the mid 90's and now has reached the bottom of the pit. Without a doubt, employs the most annoying and unfunny anchors on any channel. It would be nice to see sports highlights without some talking head shouting out lame catchphrases and drooling over David Ortiz.
This could very well be an exchange between sportscenter anchors in the near future:

*Please note, the spelling of the Tigers pitcher is intentional, it would just be like a real ESPN Sportscenter anchor saying it, having absolutely no knowledge of the Detroit staff even though they are 9 games ahead of the White Sox and in first place.

Anchor 1: Jeremy Bonderlander of the Detroit Tigers has just pitched a perfect game, striking out 22 batters in the process.
Anchor 2: But before we get to that, A-Rod has switched to a new color bat, former Red Sox greats Rich Gedman and Tom Bolton discuss the current Red Sox game against Tampa Bay, Derek Jeter made four routine plays today, Barry Bonds doubled twice, and we will show you the Bucky Dent home run clip from 1978 forty five times.
Anchor 1: Let's start off with analyzing David Ortiz's four at bats this evening.
Anchor 2: Boo Yaa!

Horrifying. Simply horrifying.
by Ace McDude August 06, 2006
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