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A male who pretends to be female online for various reasons; usually attention, sexual preferences and more.

The E-Vestite usually has no mic, despite generally appearing in online games & will almost always use pictures collected from FB or Myspace in attempt to further their illusion of being female. Attempts to procure a microphone from the E-Vestite will always be met with excuses such as:

"I broke my mic last week"
"I can't talk, my parents/boyfriend/shaman is sleeping!"
"I left my mic in Pangea while I was timetravelling filming a documentary on Velociraptor barbers"

The E-Vestite is a slippery breed, often over-using emoticons (such as <3, >_<, O_o, XD etc) to perpetuate their falsehoods. Some will go as far as to create fake FB accounts, steam accounts etc to continue their charade. However, despite it being post 2010; they will still not be able to procure a mic or webcam.

E-Vestites commonly chose names that are 'cute' or 'feminine" to fool the weak minds of the nets. Examples of such include 'Kawaii', 'Setola', 'Asian Invasion <3', Meow, etc.

Finally; E-Vestites are known for their hatred of real females online. Fearing competition, they will go through great lengths to belittle, demean or outdo an actual female by way of sultry text & promises of sexual favors. They will generally turn into dedicated trolls whenever found out and obsess over their cover being blown.
Person1: "Hey man, I'm talking to this girl Kawaii on CS:S, I wanna wangdoodle her schimittybop!"

Person2: "Oh man, does she sound sexy on voicechat?"

Person1: "She doesnt have a mic. But her pics are great!"

Person2: "wtf no mic? It's goddamn 2011! what about a webcam?"

Person1: "No webcam but I'm gunna buy her one so we can skype together"

Person2: "Bro... I'm thinking that's an E-vestite. That is exactly why I only play in NinjaGirl's Party in D2. No E-Vestites there."

Person1: "But she said she was sexy... :("
by section9gaming May 28, 2011
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