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A television network created by, programmed by, (and FOR):
1. Persons whom have sustained a traumatic brain injury.
2. Persons who have a naturally low I.Q. (room temp.)
3. Worthless assholes who have nothing to do but collect a welfare check.
4. Just about any other idiot who gives a shit about dumbass wannabe celebrities and their useless lives.
Absolutely loaded with brainless shows see Chelsea handler
I would rather get a chainsaw enema than have to watch E!
Trailer park housewife# 1: hey verlene,you wanna come over and watch E! Network with me?
Trailer park housewife #2: sure, right after I suck on the loud end of a shotgun.
Trailer park housewife #1: so is that a no then?
by roadkil August 11, 2011
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