It's a hotkey in the game Team Fortess 2, which makes your character yell "MEDIC!" as loud as he could.

It's also the one key that medics hope you break one day.
xXFaZe SnIpErXx (Voice): MEDIC!
Noob (Voice): MEDIC!
Kill Me (Voice): MEDIC!
One-Man Cheeseburger Apocalypse (Voice): MEDIC!
Ribs Grow Back (BLU Medic): i hope ur e key breaks...
by Windows Error November 5, 2017
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(Not to be confused with one of several keys on a piano or related instrument)

Possibly the most versatile and ubiquitous button on a computer's keyboard performs all of the following with standard Macros:

Opens inventory in MineCraft
Calls for the Medic in Team Fortress 2
Picks up an item in any Source Engine game that is not TF2
Lets you travel faster than a pathetic crawl in Oblivion
Picks up carry-able items in the Borderlands Games
Opens chat in some multiplayer games (though far less common than T, Y, U, or C)

And if you're not a gamer, It does provide one other function, it is the second most commonly typed key in normal text editing, second only to the space bar (including Word, Facebook, Twitter, and even right here on Urban Dictionary.)
I hate it when someone keeps spamming the E key in Team Fortress 2.
The puzzles in Portal and Half Life are fun as long as you have a functioning E key.
This sentence uses the E key eleven times.
by GamingFanatic June 21, 2014
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