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The act of calling someone out, putting someone on the spot, or revealing personal potentially damaging information via social networking site i.e. Facebook. The Dynasty Fuck can only be performed in groups of 5 or more and is done so by making personal information public and having the group make similar comments related to the topic. The point of the Dynasty Fuck is to gang up on someone (borderline bullying) with the intention of cock blocking, destroying one's reputation, and lowering morale.
Subject A has received a wall-post on Facebook from a girl that may result in a potential date. Now, Subject A has been known to "toss salad," so 1 of a group of 5 bros comment on the post revealing this personal information having the others either like the comment or post several more damaging comments until Subject A is forced to delete the original wall-post from the girl. The Dynasty Fuck has resulted in a successful cockblock.
by TeamDynasty April 22, 2011
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