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Similar to Geo Sequestration - the process where carbon dioxide from industry is pumped underground to avoid noxious greenhouse gases from hitting the atmosphere.

Duvet Sequestration applies this to lying in bed with your partner after a big night on the chilli, beans and beer - and parking a few cheeky ones under the duvet.

As with Geo Sequestration, it is essential that the seal is not broken, as noxious gases will escape.
Guy: BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP !!! (terrible, threatening fart that can only end in tears)

Her: OMG that is gonna stink so bad. How can you do that to me? How can you even do that after spending 2hrs in the toilet?! I want a divorce!

Guy: Relax baby - I used Duvet Sequestration. No noxious gases can escape. We're safe. It's all good. Look - there's Bambi over there..,

Her: oh cute - wait where? I can't see her (rustles in bed)

Guy: OMG don't move, you're breaking the seal!!!
by penske_file May 28, 2014
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