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An object of the joint-building persuasion, consisting of a range of joints stuck together with extra long perpendicular paper tying the rolled joints together, from shorter to longer, with different kinds of chronic inside it, making so that you can "play the dutch pan flute", meaning you're taking hits from several different weeds or hash in a pattern you choose yourself, thus creating a melody of savors in your mouth, and a fuckin' trainwreck in your head.
Usually, this is done while the attendants are able to score a shitload of different shit, for the purpose of the flute building you would indeed need at least twenty different substances to make it really interesting. To make it smart, you usually line up the shit from mellow to oh-my-god-this-is-strong, so you can play to flute from left to right and get increasing power going to your brain.
Chris : Hey man, we gotta stop goin to the coffee shop when we're stoned out of our asses. Look at all this weed and hash we bought again, no way I'm gonna retain my sanity after that.
Louis : Don't pussy out on me right now bitch, let's roll a fuckin dutch pan flute and we'll get through this pile of happiness in a jiffy.
Chris : Man, you crazy !
Louis : Shut up and get some cardboard and paper.
Chris : Roger that.
by Klisstoriss February 17, 2012
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