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The Dutch Draddle Spin is a sexual act, with new found popularity due to Israeli/Palestinian conflict, in which the male plays the protagonist and lead role, whilst his partner relaxes and enjoys the sensuality and vulgarity. He begins by inserting his erect member into either the pink or stink, both work however the shitpipe is preferable for intensity reasons. He then (whilst on top) rotates his body; with his penis the centre of rotation (resembling a draddle). Gradual pace of spin is increased until male participant is at chundering point; at this moment he flips his partner onto their front and expels the churned stomach content onto his partner's back and proceeds to draw the sacred Star of David using his (preferably circumcised) penis. The move finds humble beginnings in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah as a statement of disrespect for Jewish practices, (John 3:16).
Palestine boy: This is our country! Your mum is so dirty i fucked her and left her tramp ass begging for a Dutch Draddle Spin
Israeli boy: *Throws rock*
by Herbert_the_Per...uvian December 19, 2014
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