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A variation of the traditional american hamburger sold throughout the world, mainly in remote areas. A meat patty containing an assortment of meats, animal products, cheeses, vegetables, and pretty much anything a person couldn't sell or bring themself to throw away enclosed in a bun.
We come all the way to Africa and you order a Dutch Burger?!

Don't throw those chicken knuckles in the garbage...we use those in the Dutch Burger.
by BoaBoi April 10, 2009
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The act of copping dome, or more commonly, a dome burger, while smoking a big fat dutch. The origin of the Dutchburger can be traced to Northern New Jersey where slutty females often give oral sex to men who happen to be under the influence of massive quantities of marijuana. For lack of a better phrase, Dutchburgers are widely considered "cool as balls", "dope as fuck", and have even been called "epic". The Dutchburger is the epitome of sexual acheivement while under the influence of illegal drugs.
Bro, I was at Andy's party smokin' a bone on the couch and Brie gave me a Dutchburger! Shit was dope!
by Freddy Versetti September 26, 2007
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