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Similar to a Dutch Oven, the Dutch Office is created by the conspicuous breaking of wind in a tightly enclosed area. The ideal environment for a Dutch Office is a small, fully enclosed workspace. Open, well ventilated areas are less desireable but will suffice in a pinch.

Once the location is slected, the propegant, or farter, must emit rancid anal fumes several times until even he, previously unable to distinguish his own farts from clean air, is so revolted by the thick stench that he must leave the office. Then the victim, or smeller, must enter the office. Upon opening the door to the office, the smeller will surely pass out from the concentrated aroma of the pungent farts.

For best results, the farter should enjoy a lunch of atomically spicy indian, turkish or korean food. Wait approxiamtely 45 minutes and let it rip, careful to avoid staining your undies.
Yo I gave my boss a dutch office while he was out to lunch yesterday. Shit smelled so bad in there that the dude had an annurism.
by Nasty Fizz August 02, 2004
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