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An elderly woman far past her prime yet still on the hunt for young boy meat.
Normally the "Dusty Minge Fart" is a crazed nymphomaniac which has a furious hunger for boy cock. The vagina of the "Dusty Minge Fart" resembles a wizards sleeve and is normally weighed down with at least 3kg of dust. Although the "Dusty Minge Fart" is allways a virgin, the vagina allways hangs low and loose like a moist pendulum.
If looking out for the "Dusty Minge Fart", look for large wollen socks. These socks are commonly worn by the "Dusty Minge Fart" because they are used to keep the fanny lips warm. One fanny lip for each foot.
Christian: Hey Peter, check out that Dusty Minge Fart over there!

Peter: Shut up man! Thats Miss. Townsend! My maths teacher... ... ...

Christian: Why are here fucking trousers so fucking high, I can literally see the outline of her camel toe!

Peter: She's buff innit...

Christian: FUCK! SHE'S LEAKING!!
by C&P - Maths ;) April 27, 2011
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