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One who is loose in her morals and spreads it round more then butter on hot toast. Normally not pleasing to they eye and the usual pungent aroma not pleasing to the nose.

Very often unwashed and absoluly crawling with lice in all regions of body and head hair.

Often found passed round the bar each weekend at closing time or found on her knees in a nightclub toilet where the floor is covered in urine, vomit and s number of different people blood with a penis in her mouth, often there will be a queue of make dirty bangers waiting to use her teeth to remove cheese from their bellends with her teeth.

A Durrty Durrty banger will be in the same area of the nightclubs water closet getting strumped from behind by one make Durty banger whilst remoting cheese from scabby purple penis ends.

The general rule is a durty banger is doing one make banger, a durty durty banger is doing two and so on and so forth.

For each penis being inserted into a durty bangers orrafuce just at one more 'fury'

For example the durty durty durty banger
Fucking hell mate there was a proper Durty Durty banger in the bar last night went for a piss and she was getting spit roasted in the gents. You could tell the filthy bitch has had more cock than Bernard Matthews
by UK Bouncers December 13, 2014
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