When a situation or person does something utterly stupid. And the best way to describe that situation or person, is just to say their dumb like that.
My mom left the keys in her car, because she's dumb like that.
by humanities excuse July 25, 2011
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a person who is not well educated and does not want to get any knowledge, so that s/he usually does not know anything, even the obvious things, and if asked, answers uncredibly silly.

sometimes used: "dumb like a Yank".
A: What's Queen of England's name?
B: Victoria.
A: You're dumb like an American.

A: Who's the president od Russia?
B: Lenin.
A: Dumb like an American!

A: Where lies Israel?
B: South America.
A: Youre dumb like an american.
by Krzysiek October 16, 2006
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