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Duff meaning: Dreadful Ugly Fat Freak of a Neighbor.
A neighbor you dread to see out of their house who is ugly on the inside and out. Morbidly obese, fat, and unfortunately seems to scantily clothed most of the time. A loud ass freak who strives to be obnoxious at all times. They tear around the corner and down your street in their reinforced made for fattys' vehicle like a crazy freak, regardless of any pets or kids that may be in the road. You try to live your life but this Duff neighbor makes it virtually impossible to exist within a 3 block radius without hearing their loud ass bi-polar blabbering. This Duff neighbor likes to do the flubby dance while being hit by the jet stream of a water hose which has been known to cause temporary loss of vision for passer-bys.
I thought they had found the house of their dreams until I saw their Duff Neighbor across the street.

The cat never saw that Duff Neighbor coming.

They don't make fences high enough to completely drown out their Duff Neighbor.
by Sass sha J May 29, 2010
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