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A Dude'r Chick is the best of both worlds. Both a princess and a tom-boy all wrapped up in one! A dude'r (pronounced dude-er) chick is a lady who both likes to dress up, get fancy and likes all of the trappings of being a princess. But unlike just a simple princess, she also combines the athletic prowess of the tom-boy. The dude'r chick gets out and plays hard with the boys, gets muddy and bloody with just as much enthusiasm and then blows them all away when she comes down in the ball gown later! She would be both the captain of the football team and then the homecoming queen! This is a lady that will happily play in a "man's world" and win while doing it!

The dude'r chick is the ideal combination of all worlds and aspects of being a woman. Warrior and princess, athlete and beauty queen! She is the Lost Girl Pirate Queen who still has a pretty dress tucked away for the party! She can wield both a cutlass bright and a smile of equal devastation!
The woman who has it all, in both physicality and athleticism but can play the roll and enjoy being the princess.

A dude'r chick is the gal who rolls out of bed, pulls her hair back and joins the boys for a quick pickup game of football, soccer, or roller derby. This all the while rocking the pink scrunchy and beating out all of the boys for the winning touchdown pass. She then bounces from the game, gets cleaned up, dressed up and rocks the town looking just amazing! Queen of the derby track and then the red carpet!

Examples of dude'r chicks would be Charlie's Angels in both ladies and bad asses, Angelina Joli in about anything she does, and Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean.
by Raichean August 22, 2013
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