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When you get up to use the restroom and leave your girl lying in bed. As you enter back into the turn your back to her, squeeze your legs together with your cods bulging out of the back, and woddle like a duck toward her. Normally, you whisper "nuuuggets" as you do this.
I went home with that guy from the bar, Daryll, last night. I was asleep and heard the toilet flush. I barely opened my eyes to see.....and saw him backing up towards the bed with his testicles about to burst out of between the back of his legs.....he was whispering "nuggles or nuggets" or something. I dont even think he knew I was awake. I am terrified and hope I never run into him again. Duck Nuggets.
by Rolly Fingers March 07, 2008
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One who randomly posts on an Internet Forum Thread without knowing the Thread subject.

Derivation - Duck Nugget are two random words placed together to represent the randomness of the words posted by someone who does not know the subject of the Thread in which he/she is posting.
Hey Duck Nugget, this is a Carebear Thread, not a fast-food Thread.
by J. Turner August 10, 2006
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