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The most dedicated Dubstep fans who can typically be identified by their dreadlocks, cargo pants, neon colored apparel, psychedelic emblems, and a general disregard for personal hygiene. Dubstep monsters are a combination of the homeless, festival mud-hippies, and garbage. The priorities of a Dubstep monster include: carrying the word of Dubstep to whomever will hear it, trolling urban sprawls, and appearing as filthy and disgusting as the music they listen to. Generally Dubstep Monsters will frequent any area where their unsightly appearance and dirty beats will be tolerated (such as the front of a convenience store or waiting for public transportation). On occasion, they may emit dubstep from their bodies as a means of preaching the word of filth to the general population, either from their mouths or over-sized headphones at maximum volume.
Person 1: "Did you guys go to Ultra this year?"

Person 2: "Yeah dude, it was the best time of my life until Dubstep monsters ate my best friend."

Concerned Friend: "Be careful getting home tonight. It's late and the Dubstep Monsters like to hang out in the Burger King Parking lot."
by Meff Hunikolm April 23, 2011
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