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Alias for west coast gangsta rapper William Calhoun, aka WC, Dub C, The Original Shady. In addition to his solo career, WC formed the rap groups Low Profile, WC & the Maad Circle, and the Westside Connection.
Shit talk, Crip walk, Jack in the Bean Stalk, That's what you get when you fuckin' with me.
They call me Dub Sizzle (Dub C!) Dub Sizzle (Dub C!).
by TGizzLE4SHizzLE January 04, 2009
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A lonely college age male who comes up with sexually-related definitions of fictional terms to sublimate his overwhelming sexual frustration. This behavior often results from a Freudian desire to copulate with his mother.
That guy in the triple in our dorm is such a dubsizzle. He was at his computer typing all day today.

Dude, I have never even heard of a Polish Popsicle Stand. You are such a Dubsizzle.
by TeaDrinkinMutha January 04, 2005
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