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Dual Mungus is a serious fictional disease of the upper respiratory system. Dual Mungus is actually an advanced form of simple Mingus. Symptoms of Mingus are small spots and light wheezing. Mingus and Mungus are both a form of fungus. Full-blown Dual Mungus causes a debilitating cough that strikes fear and dread into the hearts of all who hear it. It is never certain how much time a victim of Dual Mungus has left on this mortal plane.
Patient: "Doctor, is it serious?"
Doctor: "I'm glad you're sitting down because I fear the worst. I suspect Dual Mungus. This situation is very grim."
Patient: "That's terrible! It wasn't this bad last week."
Doctor: "Sir! You had a mere case of Mingus last week. It has developed into full-blown Dual Mingus! This is grave indeed!"
by dannyp76 June 14, 2011
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