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A person whose fervent and dynamic use of a dry erase board, typically but not limited to an office setting, borders on the obscene.

Dry Erasturbators often come with their own erasers specially molded to find their hands and sets of markers that cover an array of palette choices. Their penmanship is usually impeccable, and their energy palpable. They often make very entertaining and powerful presentations.

However, the passion they exude onto their audience is seldom about the material being presented, but rather over the materials at hand.
MIKE: C'mon, I want to get a good seat for Ed's presentation.

RICH: Why?

MIKE: Because he's like the sickest Dry Erasturbator in the region! You'll walk away with loads and loads of useful stuff, oozing out your ears, guaranteed!
by theDalaiLummox August 27, 2010
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