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The nastiest game a couple can play. The winner gets to blast in the mouth of the loser. Players get drunk fast and perform sexual favors for their Lovers. This game is designed to be played on your bed without any game pieces falling out. The game pieces and shot glasses have magnets to hold them on the game board while you bounce around doing sexual favors. You can take the game anywhere because of the durable and stylish metal carrying case.

This game makes you jump in and get to drinking kissing rubbing sucking licking until there is a climatic finish (In The Mouth). You have to suck toes, drink 1or 2 shots, fake orgasm, or just chill, roll the dice to get to the finish. The Drunken Love game board is simple but design to take a couple from 0 to 100 with the first roll of the dice.
Let's play the Drunken Love Game tonight!
by Drunken Love Fan December 27, 2017
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