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A drinking game consisting of a dart board and beer.
- drink if you lose a game of 3 darts a piece
- drink if you miss the board
- if you miss the board 3 times in a row, chug your beer.

- a dart landing on the black counts as a negative score of the number it lands outside of
- a dart landing outside the wire, but still landing on the black portion of the board counts as triple negative.

- when beers are almost finished, the loser must get the next round of beers, thus being shunned and humiliated.

Created by B. Tiberius Flynn & Dert Derty Mcgerty Cardace

Tiberius never loses in drunk darts. Only if he wants to drink on purpose.
by Pabst Blue beer June 08, 2010
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When you are drunk and can fuck up a dart (cigarette) but when you’re drunk they come at a 2:1 ratio for sober darts
Ryan: yo I had like six drunk darts last night

Brandon: Damn so your sober dart count is at 3

Ryan: shit bro I forgot about the 2:1 ratio
by Dart god October 13, 2019
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