A street gang based in the Inner Western suburb of Drummoyne, Sydney. Better known as a bunch of stupid lads with nothing better to do than buy champion pants and make up funny handsigns that sort of say 'DB', the Drummoyne boys are best know for such shocking, gangstarific crimes as:
*Graffitying Walls
*Starting fights with little kids
*Drinking alchohol (but making sure it's a barcardi breezer or something)
Don't have official colours, although anything from InSport should do you just fine. Oh and don't forget your nautica hat either.

Tightest competition DB have for lamest gang in Sydney would probably have to be the 'Little Brothers Crew' (LBC) of Gordon.
Hahaha man, DB are so lame. They should have a gangfight with LBC.
by Larry the Lad December 16, 2004
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