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Drop the Minky (v): to be so out of touch with one's intended audience that one drops or retcons one of the most popular plots without realizing it will have negative consequences. Shooting oneself in the foot plot-wise.

You've probably dropped the Minky if:

- You are unaware that you've dropped the Minky, and are convinced that that new plot where your heroine finds fulfillment as a stripper/nymphomaniac/farmer is completely in character and inspired to boot.
- You take to the net to sternly lecture anyone who asks you why the hell you've dropped the Minky.
- You find yourself tweeting things like "LOL trust me, it's going to be great" over and over and over, and yet no one seems to be buying it.
- You use increasingly desperate language to prop your unpopular changes, especially words like "epic" and "brilliant", until finally declaring you don't care what the audience thinks anyway, you're an ARTIST and a REBEL and neither of those have ever had it easy in the face of oppression/the man/the establishment.
- You accuse fans of interrogating your work from the wrong perspective.
- Creepy people thank you for dropping the Minky.
Example 1:

Writer A: We've got to check out the fandom before we sit down and plot the sequel to our bestselling Vampires vs Aliens novel, make sure we've got all our bases covered so we can write a satisfying and cool book.
Writer B: Yeah, we don't want to drop the Minky, that'd be so embarrassing.

Example 2:

Fan 1: Wow, did you see the new episode of Rhubarb Avengers? I can't believe they're not even going to address the fact that Vincento and the countess are long lost siblings. They just killed Vincento off and by the end of the episode everyone had moved on.
Fan 2: Yeah, they totally dropped the Minky.
by TheVoid68 December 30, 2011
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