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Verb: to drop gates

A gate is also known as a waterfall bong, a term popular in the Capital region of New York state. This apparatus is often used outdoors when no one has brought a bong to the sesh. It is a very cheap yet effective method of getting high. The Gate Station consists of three parts. First a large container of water, cut open two liter bottles work very well. The second piece is a plastic water bottle, standard sized Poland Spring bottles are good for this. And finally a “gate top” which is a bottle cap that fits on the water bottle with a socket wrench piece melted in. Now fill up the two liter with water approximately 90% or more. Now put grinded up bud into the socket wrench opening , screw on the cap, ignite with a lighter and lift up. When it has stopped burning take off the cap and inhalr
Yo bro let’s go to spot and drop gates
“Hell yeah man heaters all day”
by EdmonStevemon May 09, 2018
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