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When one has been dating a truly awesome looking chick, way out of one's league, the drooling off period is the length of time which must pass until one is ready to date lower-rated girls again.
Buddy: Hey guy, where's that fine-ass chick that was with you last week? She realise she was too damn hot to be hanging around you?

Guy: Yeah, we broke up, something about me not paying attention to her or somethin'. I dunno, I wasn't really listening.

Buddy: That's a bitch, but one woman helps you forget another. You gonna go crawling back to one of your 'regulars'?

Guy: Would you step out of a Ferrari 'n' get straight into a Honda? F*ck no man, I gotta take a little drooling off period.

Buddy: Jesus Guy, how'd you fit in the door with that damn ego?

Guy: Im not your Guy, Buddy.
by NotYourBuddyGuy January 26, 2011
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